I have been wanting to do this for a long time and I finally had enough people backing me to shove me into this lol. I am a 39 year old mom of three boys. The oldest is 14 years old and the twins are 10 years old. The day I had the twins I was 200 pounds and the twins were a healthy 7lbs 2oz and the other one was 6lbs. For a year after they were born I nursed them both. I was sleep deprived and out of shape trying to take care of 3 boys while my husband worked to take care of us. I thought it would be a good idea to start college while taking care of 3 boys while I was not working.
In 2011 I started to “try” to get in shape, but I would exercise one day and take 3 days off. I talked my husband into running a 5K mud run with obstacles and I was not able to run the whole race. I was not consistent.
In 2012 I started exercising daily with a Nike app on my phone. I started seeing results and I was healthier and happier. Nike took notice. Nike featured me in their online blog and sent me some swag. I also got my first job since we moved back home from NC. This was the job that would start it all into motion, I was a fitness instructor at the YMCA. I started running a little more and told my husband I wanted us to run a half marathon.
In 2013 while caring for 3 boys, exercising, and going to college online, and now working 2 jobs, I suffered a setback when my mom suddenly passed away. My mom was overweight and had health problems. She was in a nursing home since suffering from several strokes. I had tried moving her to different nursing homes in the area that would help her with her eating habits and also keep her active, but I failed. I slowly started back to everything I had taken a break from while mourning my loss. I had told my mom I wanted to be a personal trainer because I liked helping people lose weight and feel better so I did it.
Fast Forward to now. I now have a Bachelors in Social Sciences with an education concentration and a minor in childhood development. I have a Masters degree in Elementary Education and I am in my third year of my PhD in Health Psychology. With my health psychology degree I will be able to help people with eating disorders, obesity, motivation, etc. I have 3 jobs, I am an Intervention Specialist for 4th grade special education children, I am an adjunct professor for a community college, and I am a personal trainer and fitness instructor at the YMCA. I have run numerous 5Ks and half marathons, and I have run 2 full marathons. I run between 6-8 miles during the week and 10-13 miles on the weekends. People tell me all the time they hate running and honestly I use to also. I have learned to love being outside or on the treadmill (mostly outside lol) and giving myself time to think and relax, yes running can be relaxing.
Since I started this dream of having online personal training and a fitness website I have heard from a number of people about how they can’t get motivated, or they hate working out next to the cute tiny girl next to them at the gym taking selfies, I get it. Something had to have motivated you to want to go to the gym even if it did not work out when you were there. Something motivated you to check out this website. Whether it is health issues that got you to this point, wanting more energy to play with your kids, or just being tired of what you see everyday in the mirror, you are motivated. This website will provide online personal training in the comfort of your own home, it will offer advice, tips, and support. I do not believe in dieting or taking supplements so you will not get that from me. I will however, help you make better choices that fit your lifestyle and make you excited to be on this journey. There is no magic pill, quick fix, drinks, juices, or shakes to get you there. It is just hard work. Be consistent for one month and see what results you get.