Something motivates people to workout, whether it is intrinsic or extrinsic, some people have goals so what’s the difference? Are you motivated by a goal? What happens when you reach that goal? I usually hear people say they have a goal weight or they want to reach a goal by a certain date. Once a person reaches that goal then what? Do you just stop? You have worked so hard to reach the goal you are working towards then all that hard work is done? You need something to motivate you. Goals have an expiration date, motivation does not. Different things can motivate you and when one thing does not motivate you anymore, something else will take its place. I was motivated last summer to run 100 miles in a week, I accomplished it, but I did not stop, sure I did not run 100 miles every week after that, but I did want to keep up with the higher miles so I could do it again if I wanted to. I did not just stop running after getting my 100 miles. So find something to motivate you, health, kids, food. Do not give yourself an expiration date. You need to find something to motivate you to get started and its okay for your motivation to continually change because you are going to be continually changing. So what motivates you?