Whether you have been doing this for a while or you have just started, the first thing on your list of things you need is a good support system. This is not a journey that is easy and definitely one you do not want to go alone. You are not always going to be motivated to get up and go exercise or not eat that 3rd cookie. You need at least one person to be your cheerleader and root for you through this journey. You need someone to call you out when you have not exercised in two days because “you just aren’t feeling it” or someone to “slap that cookie out of your hand” or someone to tell you to “drink your water”. These are things you are going to need to hear every once in a while and sometimes maybe every day in the beginning and that’s okay. It is easier when your personal cheerleader is also along on this journey with you and are feeling the same way you are because one person is not always going to be the strong one, one person is going to have weak moments and that other person is going to have to step in and be the strong one. That is the beauty of having more than one person on your side. The more people you have helping you and supporting you along the way the easier it is. It does not have to be a spouse or a family member, it can just be a great group of friends or a group of people in a fitness class who support each other and end up becoming your fitness family and that is a strong bond because they will be there to support you at your weakest moments and keep you on track, or sometimes throw you back on track when you have fallen. These are the people who you can text or call when you need motivation to get up and these are the people who also will make you feel guilty when you don’t show up, not because they said something, but because you know they were there waiting for you and counting on you to be there also. Whether it is meeting at 4:30am for a morning run against your will or at 5:30pm after a long day of work they will always be happy to see you and happy you showed up even when you thought about staying in bed or just driving straight home. They are your support system and fitness family.