So we have talked about how friends can motivate us to get up and go, but what about people in your own family? In my family we make fitness a family affair. The world we are living in today everything seems to be centered around technology, social media, and video games (you are on it right now) people including children are not as active as they once were. With that being said, we make it a point to try to keep everyone active in our house. It is not about being skinny, its about being strong and healthy. Childhood obesity is on the rise along with childhood diabetes. My husband and I get up before the sun rises, before the birds are chirping, and before our boys even think about getting up. We are up early to get our first workout in, running. Our boys even still sleeping are aware of where we are and what we are doing. They still are able to see the hard work we put in before we even go to work, we are working on ourselves. In the evenings the boys see us going to the gym to workout and for me to teach a class to a great bunch of people who motivate each other to be healthy and fit. Our boys see the us being active. I remember growing up and seeing my mom and dad sitting around after work because they were exhausted and I thought that is how it was everyday after work. I work 3 jobs and I am getting my PhD and I have 3 boys, but I am not sitting around exhausted. I go, go, go until bedtime. We have little ones watching us. I want them to see us being active and not laying around after work watching tv. I want them to look back and say “wow mom and dad never stopped”. They may not always be active, but I want them to know it is possible. Our boys take karate, they run track, they swim, and they run races with us. Our oldest has run half marathons, they have all run 5Ks, one of our twins even ran a half marathon (2 miles I had to run with him on my back). They are active, not all the time, not everyday, after all they are kids who do like video games and YouTube, but we are doing our part to prevent childhood obesity and health problems later on in their life. We are saving their lives and hopefully building a healthy future for them. Trust me, they notice. So when you think the little people living in your house aren’t paying attention to what mom or dad are doing, they are. Keep going. Don’t let them see you quit.